Many of our citizens who feel marginalized or, for whatever reason, have angst with our government, are looking for solutions to alleviate their anguish. Certainly, there are problems with our political system that are not being adequately addressed by either "side of the aisle". Potential solutions are ubiquitous; some possibly viable but, sadly, many are just rubbish. Inane drivel and insane conspiracy theories on social media, biased news spewed out 24 hours a day, and sermons by ignorant self-serving gasbags are feeding the minds of wary denizens and sending them to a malevolent place. There is a battle afoot and, if not won, our fragile democracy may be its victim. The TUFF HOUSE is a fictional tale that deals with a skirmish in this battle to defeat those who are poisoning the vulnerable; a skirmish won, a battle enduring.

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